Right now you and I are living in the greatest moment in history. With the persecution of believers increasing worldwide and the population of humanity reaching 7 billion lives, never before has there been such an opportunity to shine the light of Christ and pierce the darkness.

Jesus said in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world. If you follow Me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

No matter where you are in life, we’re all interconnected through our experiences and the choices we make. We don’t simply share the same road. We are friends, family, and neighbors sharing one heart.

Together we don’t just make things happen, we change the world. Thanks to your boldness and generosity, we’ve brought comfort to the hurting, hope to those who feel forgotten, and the light of truth to the farthest reaches of the Earth.


  • Daystar experienced a total growth of over 13.5M homes in 2015, both domestic and international.
  • Of those 13.5M homes, 40.08% are English speaking homes. This includes launches on some of the largest cable carriers around the world, including: Foxtel in Australia, Bell in Canada, and Free in Paris.
  • Continuing our HD expansion, we converted 40 over-the-air stations to high definition affecting 15M homes in 40 markets.
  • Daystar became the first Christian network to launch on Verizon Fios HD nationally in 2015 – affecting 5M homes.
  • Daystar nationally launched on Charter Cable HD – affecting 3.7M homes.
  • Daystar closed out 2015 by launching on SKY HD in the UK – affecting 8M homes.
  • In total, Daystar’s high definition coverage increased by 31.7M homes last year.
  • Our web traffic increased by 49.28% last year to include 4.5M (4,491,824) visitors to Daystar.com.
  • The number of views on the Daystar Live Stream increased by 57.21%, representing 1,752,048 hours watched online last year!
  • Last year, we also saw incredible growth in app downloads (144%) and Roku channel installs (35%).
  • Our Prayer Department last year prayed 664,746 prayers and documented salvations in 13 different nations around the globe.
  • We also saw an overall increase in call volume last year by 28.48%, totaling 2,540,686 telephone minutes!
  • Daystar also experienced exponential growth in both the number of live events (+76.47%) and special events (+70.59%), averaging more than one a week in 2015!
  • Daystar broadcasted its very FIRST live event from Canada with the airing of the Toronto Catch the Fire Conference!
  • We received donations from 123 countries around the world, including 26 new countries donating for the first time.
  • Last year, Daystar experienced triple digit growth in donations from 15 countries including China, with 1,265% growth, and France, with 15,495% growth.
  • We saw an increase of 25% more pledges made resulting in 19% more donations being received.
  • Daystar gave $13M to missions worldwide, a 13% increase over 2014.
  • Daystar won a Lone Star Emmy for its documentary, “Israel & the Golan: Heights of Hope”, filmed in Israel, and we also traveled to Jerusalem for another successful Daystar tour. There we took the written names of 133,180 partners to leave at the Western Wall and personally prayed over them.
  • Team members traveled to Poland last year to participate in the annual March of the Living and documented stories from the attending Holocaust survivors, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.
  • Helping preserve the legacy of friend and ministry partner John Paul Jackson, Daystar completed one of his final, previously unreleased manuscripts, “Unlocking Heaven’s Power”, making it available to our partners during Heart for the World.


As this new year begins to take form, let us not forget the millions in the world who have still never heard the name of Jesus. Using every available platform, Daystar will continue to pierce the darkness with the light of truth, bringing hope, joy, and peace to the countless hurting across the globe. With your help, we’ll believe God together and work toward the goal of seeing every lost soul find their way back home. Thank you for having a passion and vision for expanding God’s Kingdom. We invite you to join us again this year in growing “One Heart” to ignite the world with the light of hope.

Yours for Christian Television,